Employee “Free Choice” Act – Should be called “Forced Choice” Act!

mafia1The “Employee Free Choice Act” more commonly known as “Card Check ” is nothing more than a campaign promise to Unions who gave big money to the Democratic Party in return for for this huge favor.  It is absolutely the farthest thing from “Free Choice”!  To call this free choice is nothing more than Union Mafia propaganda.  This Bill currently before Congress is not only a clear infringement to our basic right to a free elections by private ballot, but is a slap in the face to basic Democracy.  union5The very people that insist on “every vote should count” are the same people pushing this bill to not allow you to be able to vote at all.  In addition, this bill not only removes the option of the secret ballot in determining the employees choice of forming a Union, but it inserts government intervention in to the process of developing wages and work rules of individual companies.  Worse yet, it further extends the already existing intimidation on employees on the part of the Union to vote in favor of organizing … Or ELSE!

If “Card Check” is a fair way to vote then let’s just eliminate general elections and go door to door to collect signatures to determine who is our next president.

Personal Experience of this Boomer

I worked in Industry for 33+ years with several different unions involved.  I was directly involved in negotiations on eight separate Company – Union multi-year contracts.  I personally experienced two Union Organizations where the Union was successful in putting a Union in place.  While I was a representing the company position, I was also good friends with many different Union officials and had a solid inside track on their motives and tactics.  I have had very good experiences with unions and very bad experiences with unions.  I think in many cases they can be a help and in many cases they can be a hindrance.  One thing that is for certain and not disputable.  They are interested in only one thing … Money!  If you don’t believe me try not paying your dues and see how much they protect you!

Union Business and I Do Mean Business

National Unions are in Business … Yes, Business! … to make money!  That is their only motive!  At the National level of every major Union is an elite group of executives living in mansions (many of which are in Washington, D.C.), riding around in limousines, flying around in private jets, and yes, spending huge amounts of money on lavish resorts and retreats.  They are just like the corporate executives they claim to despise.  They spend more money on lobbyist and political contributions than the entire oil industry combined.  They are simply selling a different product.  They remain the only entity other than the IRS that is allowed to take a percentage of your hard earned paycheck for the sole purpose of you being allowed to work!  Union dues are also much like taxes, the Unions take your a portion of your hard earned money, provide you a minimum amount of services, and keep the rest for their own pleasure.  

The Product a Union Sells

The product they sell involves taking part of a persons paycheck every week under the pretense of protecting their jobs.  It works sorta like the mafia selling a business insurance against broken windows and legs!  (click here)  The Union actually loses many more jobs than it protects.  It drives businesses and jobs out of the country and drives companies out of business.  It does tend to protect the jobs of people who don’t deserve them.  Unions claim to be concerned for the life style and working conditions of the working class person.  In reality the only thing that concerns them is how much they can collect in union dues.  National Unions really aren’t concerned if their membership lives in dog houses with dirt floors, as long as they are willing to share their hard earned pay checks.  (Click Here)

Don’t get me wrong.  If anyone freely chooses to belong to a union and freely wishes to pay dues to that union they should be allowed to do so.  However, in most (28) states, once the workplace is organized under a union everyone working in the positions that are covered by that union must join and pay dues … or lose their job.   An exception is that, in some cases, as long as those not wishing to join union are willing to pay the dues, they can be “grandfathered” in, as non-members without voting rights until they leave.  When they leave the position it must be filled by a union member in “good standing” (that simply means they pay their dues and don’t say anything bad about the union) after a minimum length of time.

Right to Work States – Unions Hate Them Too!

What is a right-to-work state?  Right-to-work laws are statutes enforced in twenty two states, mostly in the southern or western US, allowed under the provisions of the Taft-Hartly Act, which prohibit the agreements between trade unions and employers making membership or payment of union dues or “fees” a condition of employment, either before or after hiring.  Arizona is a good example.  (Click Here)

The facts are that right-to-work states experience higher economic growth and job creation than do non-right to work states.  For example, in recent years allof the new automobile factories have been located in right-to-work states.  Moreover, right-to-work states typically have lower unemployment rates.

Realities about Union Organization

  1. Unions send in professional organizers into non-union locations to organize the employees.  These organizers are very well trained and well paid for their services.
  2. The professional organizers typically go in early and find the most popular and influential workers and radical workers enticing them with promises of improving their pay, their working conditions, and their job security.  They also offer the possibility of becoming their own union representatives.
  3. They organize these small groups and co hearse them into leaning on their friends and co-workers to sign cards to organize and join the union.
  4. They promise to protect the workers who support them and threaten those that don’t support them with loss of their jobs if they are successful in organizing.  They purposely avoid using the familiar term “Black-Balling” but that is exactly what they use as a threat.
  5. At this stage, it is not only “not secret”, but a list of who signed up and who didn’t sign up is made available to any and every employee that wishes to see it.  They work on the list of those who haven’t signed a card yet until almost everyone eventually signs up due to the pressure applied.  Many people sign cards due to fear alone.
  6. During this time, when the union is openly leaning on the employees to sign, it is against the law for any one from the company to advise or even discuss the matter with the employees.  Company actions are strictly regulated and charges to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) are threaten almost daily on the part of the organizers.  Many people at this point sign up strictly due to peer pressure.
  7. Once they get a large majority of signers they request an election held by the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board). click here
  8. Next a secret ballot monitored and regulated by the NLRB is held to determine if a majority of the people wish to start a union at their place of work.  It is here and only here that people are actually given freedom of choice.  It is also here that in many cases the secret ballot produces a vote much different than the cards collected.  This is the step the unions are fighting hard to eliminate.  WITHOUT THIS STEP … THERE IS NO FREE CHOICE!

Don’t let Congress give away your right to Free and Fair Elections

It should be your choice to belong to a union.  It should also be your choice not to belong to a union and still hold your job!  This bill takes that choice completely away.  Unions look at this bill like finding the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”.  It truly should be called the “Employee Forced Choice” Act. Strong intimidation on the part of the union already exists.  That is exactly how they get the cards signed.  Eliminating the secret ballot vote removes any chance of a fair election.(Click Here)  Sounds more like North Korea than the USA!

kim-jong-ilpelosiThat’s exactly how Kim Jong-il gets 100% of the voters to support him:

  • The central election committee of North Korea said 99.98 per cent of all registered voters took part in the nationwide balloting and 100 per cent voted for the candidate in their district.  Kim Jong-il was unanimously elected following a 100 per cent turnout in his constituency, according to state media.

To repeat myself from earlier … If “Card Check” is a fair way to vote then let’s just eliminate general elections and go door to door to collect signatures to determine who is our next president. … Nobody buys that Bull!  Nobody ought to buy this Bill Bull either. God Bless America! Papa B.

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