eHealthInsurance Review: Are You Ready for Obamacare?

When it comes to planning for retirement, the one thing that can wipe you out in a hurry is the rising cost of health insurance.

Although, many feel that the new Obamacare program will save all (it does help with low income families), the reality is that having to pay for health insurance will always be a constant.

So how do you really save on your health insurance premiums?  One solution is the online health insurance provider

Instant Health Insurance Quotes

You can think of eHealthInsurance is as a hub for all the major players when it comes to health insurance.  The company was founded in 1997, and currently offers one of the best sites for side by side  comparisons between health care providers as well as the ability to get health insurance quotes.

Ready to get a quote for health insurance? Click here to begin the quick and easy process.

Primarily, they help with with individuals and families, but they also cater to small business owners.  Having such a strong tie with the self-employed, they have been able to partner with 180 health insurance companies.  To the consumer, that just means more competitive rates.   eHealthInsurance offers a wide selection of almost 5000 health insurance plans like, student health insurance, dental health insurance, etc.

They have the ability to offer health insurance to all 50 states and have partnered with all the majors players considering: Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, AARP, Humana, Coventry Health,  and Kaiser Permanente.

How to Get Quotes Online With eHealthInsurance

Instant Health Insurance Quotes

Shopping for golf clubs can be fun, but shopping for health insurance is a chore at best.  Luckily, eHealthInsurance makes it easy for consumers to find an affordable health care option for them and their family.  And the best part is that you are not obligated to buy anything.  How easy is it?  The site boasts that you’ll have you’ll have health insurance in 11 minutes! All you have to do is go to the home page and type in your zip code.  Once you type your zip code, you’ll be taken to this page:

eHealthInsurance Required Info eHealthInsurance Required Info

As you can see, you’re just required to enter some basic information for yourself and your family.  After you select your county and date that you wish to begin health insurance coverage, the information you’ll need is their  gender, date of birth, whether you or family members are tobacco users in the past 12 months, and if anyone is a full-time college student.

After you enter that data, you’re instantly taken to the screen that shows you how many different providers there are in your area. Doing a quick search revealed 130 plans starting off as low as $53.38 per month.  That took all of 3 minutes to get.

What If You don’t Know What Type of Insurance You Need?

Type of health insurance you need

24/7 Customer Support

Choosing the right type of health insurance can be a tall order for anyone.  For some people (including myself) trying to understand the ins and outs of health insurance is trying to learn advanced French.  Tha’ts one more reason that sets eHealthInsurance apart from the competition.  They have a customer service rep on hand to answer your health insurance questions 24/7.

At the top right of their web page, you can click on the “24/7 Live Expert Advice” tab and you’ll see three ways you can contact them.  You can call them direct, “click to talk” where you enter your phone number and they’ll return your call immediately, or you can click to chat.

eHealthInsurance Affordable for Small Business Owners

health insurance for the self employed

Health Insurance for the Self Employed

As mentioned in the beginning, eHealthInsurance also caters to small business owners by offering group health insurance packages.  If your a small business owner that is shopping rates, it doesn’t hurt to give them a try.  In addition to health insurance, they also offer group dental and vision.

Does it Cost Anything to use eHealthInsurance?

All the services offered by eHealthInsurance are provided at no extra cost to you, the consumer. If you buy a health insurance plan through eHealthInsurance, you’ll pay the regular monthly premium to the health insurance company you chose, but you’ll pay nothing to additional to them. Their fees are paid by the insurance companies in the form of commissions, which are built into the premium amount.

What if You Already Have a Doctor You Like?

This was a big issue for us.  Our pediatrician is also our family doctor, so it was important for us to be able to use the same doctor.  Thankfully, eHealthInsurance allows you to do a search based on what carriers are in your doctor’s network.  Doing a quick search and we found over 25 insurance providers that we can use.   It’s nice to have choices and that’s exactly what we had with eHealthInsurance.

Is eHealthInsurance Right For You?

If you’re in the market for health insurance, it’s hard to deny all the benefits that eHealthInsurance provides.  They have many different choices and it literally takes minutes to get a quote (I’d almost wager it would take less than the 11 minutes they tout).

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