Double Standards??? Fairness from the Far Left!

  1. bush-picGeorge Bush can’t fire his own US Attorneys that report to him, but … Barrack Obama can fire the CEO of GM!
  2. GM’s CEO is fired for lack of performance over the past two years, but … Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank can’t be fired from their jobs for even worse performance over the last two years!
  3. pelosiNancy Pelosi can criticize executives from the big three US automakers for flying on private jets because they are far too expensive, but … she can fly on tax payer money to the toon of over $250,000 per month with her family and friends without a blink of an eye!
  4. George Bush is blamed for creating a deficit of one trillion dollars over eight years, but … Barrack Obama doubles that in his first twenty days in office and nobody cares!
  5. barney-and-boyfriend1A republican congressman can be driven from office for tapping his foot in a restroom stall, But … Barney Frank can have a boyfriend and nothing happens!
  6. There have been relentless attacks on Sarah Palin’s and her children for personal issues, but… Joe Biden ‘s son can work directly for Bernie Madoff’ and his scheme to defraud people out of billions of dollars and it gets buried!
  7. Sarah Palin is made fun of because she says you can see Russia from Alaska (which is true) , but …  Barrack Qbama can visit 57 states with a couple left to go and he gets a free pass!
  8. obama-cowboyWhen the stock market is at 9500 and the unemployment rate is 5.8% , George Bush says the fundamentals of the economy are strong and Barrack Obama heavily criticises him saying he “doesn’t get it“ , But … when the stock market is sub 6500 and the unemployment rate is above 8.0%, Barrack Obama himself says the fundamentals of the economy are sound!  And that flies!

Sorry, Papa B has been listening to this crap for too many years and is very confused! … I must admit, this Boomer doesn’t get it either!

Help me please!  All comments appreciated!

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