Do I Qualify For The IRS Fresh Start Program?

Debt can snowball out of control before a person realizes what’s happening. Whether you have an unforeseen health event, an extensive (and costly) household repair, a disabled vehicle, or unexpected IRS tax debt, it can cripple your monthly budget, making it impossible to pay everyday bills. Start over with the IRS help; find out how at

Over the last year and a half, societal crises see more people facing debts, primarily tax debts they’ve never had to endure before, alongside back penalties with little understanding of what to do in their situations. Fortunately, the IRS offers solutions of which not many members of the public are aware.

If you knew you couldn’t file or have taxes that went unpaid, rather than ignore the situation, research options on the IRS website. There are quite a few ways they offer citizens to resolve exorbitant debt and fees that are doable for the average person. 

Don’t let fear of repercussions dissuade you from trying to do the right thing. The worst that will happen is you might own more than you realize.

Do I Qualify For The IRS Fresh Start Program?

An option for tax relief that many people find to help through the IRS is the Fresh Start program. The plan is designed to help taxpayers save on the debt they owe while still satisfying the issue with their back taxes. The tax bureau has found ways over time to enable individuals with their back tax bills, but the options were not always straightforward enough for taxpayers to follow or simple to maneuver.

Initiation of the Fresh Start Program brings an entire suite of relatively concise methods with simple-to-follow qualification guidelines and enhanced saving strategies. 

The initiative, in essence, became the reply from the IRS following the 2008 recession when many people faced challenges not only with their existing tax bill but those that were already in arrears attempting to avoid bankruptcy.

The program gave taxpayers facing adverse reactions from past due payments like levies and tax liens the potential for a fresh start. The program is continually updated so that more people qualify to benefit from the program, with individuals and businesses being eligible. Look here to learn if past-due taxes affect credit scores.

The Fresh Start Program

No one can apply for the initiative, but some qualifications need meeting before you are eligible. In order to qualify for the program, the following needs met:”

  • File:  The initial step is to file all outstanding returns from the year(s) past.
  • Pay:  Stick with the payment plan you determine with the IRS.
  • Documents: Prepare to provide any documentation as requested, including financial information.

For those who qualify for the program, you can receive help in one out of three distinct ways:

  • Negotiation: If you can’t pay the debt as presented to you due to your liabilities and income bracket, you do have options. Taxpayers accepted into the program can negotiate to settle the amount due for a lower balance.
  • Installments: If there’s a significant balance, paying the entire amount can be too great for at one time. There is the potential for small installments over an extended period without the potential for penalties.
  • Lien Elimination: If the IRS sends many notices, you might have a lien on your asset in an effort or the bureau to collect. Through the program, these liens can be removed while you make efforts to negotiate payments.

While this initiative aims to offer a straightforward approach for taxpayers to deal with their unpaid tax debt, it might not be a simple program to maneuver for each individual. 

Eligibility for the different options can prove complicated, and communication with the bureau is beyond frustrating, to say the least. When the IRS requests specific documentation, it’s never clear if you’re offering what they need precisely or creating a bigger mess.

As a rule, it’s wise to find tax relief help to guide you through the ins and outs of the program. The representatives can assess your specific situation, make recommendations on the options that might work better for you, and help you through the process.

It’s wise to look for a high-quality option instead of limiting yourself to those in your local vicinity. Extensive expertise relating to the Fresh Start Program comes in handy, with remote service being ideal from highly-rated organizations that can review the case with assistance on chat, phone, or email. The company should have the top solvable ratings, exceptional consumer testimonials, and stellar ratings from authoritative institutions like the Better Business Bureau.

Final Thought

Everyone finds themselves in a situation at some point in their lives where debt outweighs the money coming into the household. Unfortunately, the tax debt can be extensive and expensive, and an all at once fee paid each year immediately. 

If you forgo it one year, it merely snowballs to a point it gets out of control. Attempting to catch up with your everyday household expenses proves challenging, with many finding themselves in a genuinely impossible situation.

Fortunately, as stringent as it might appear, the IRS has programs to make the block of debt a little less intimidating. That’s especially true with what is known as the Fresh Start Program that intends to give citizens a clean slate. It allows starting over in the way you can make installments to the debt you owe, break free from potential liens put on your assets, or possibly negotiate for a lower debt amount.

While this is most likely one of the best programs offered by the IRS for tax assistance for taxpayers, there are other IRS options available that can bring relief as well. It’s merely a matter of doing the research when you find yourself in a predicament. 

Don’t feel intimidated or fear going on the website when you’re in trouble. The most that you’ll be recognized for is attempting to correct your situation, with the worst that could probably happen to be that you might owe a bit more than you think. As you can see here, there are ways to work with that. Take the initiative and see what you qualify for.

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