Clariity Review: Gifting Financial Dreams to Your Family

If you have grandchildren, or children of your own, and would like to give them a gift that enhances their future, go no farther than Every year birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions roll around and we go to the store, and struggle with the decision of what to buy our loved ones. Why buy them a toy or clothes that they will most likely get a couple years of usage out of, when you can buy them a gift that would impact their future. is a site that promotes family finance in a fun and energetic manner that will allow you to spend your gift money with more conviction, and will help your loved ones achieve their life goals in the future. They are also looking to become the first true online financial planning company.  If your loved one has trouble putting money aside for their future plans, you could give them the Clariity or jump start they have always needed to enhance their future.

The Family Plan

We have all bought a gift card for a loved one at one point in time, or even a pre-paid credit card. The money goes towards something that the individual wants, or in some cases is wasted because the card is lost, or the user does not utilize the card completely and a small amount is never spent. Clariity is offering you a whole new type of gift card, one that not only never goes away, but is never wasted.

Not only does this gift card not have any wastefulness associated with it, but it will actually gain value over time. That’s because this gift card can be a jump start into a savings plan for anything the individual would need. Whether your loved one is trying to save for college, wedding, family vacation, holiday shopping, home, a new car, or any other type of special or significant expense, you can buy them a gift card to get started or contribute.

The gift card will actually gain value through time because Clariity allows the recipient of the gift card to deposit the gift amount into their pre-existing savings plan, or to create a new savings plan. This new savings plan is not just your ordinary checking account; rather it’s an investment account that will receive interest through time.

The Power of Savings

Giving a small gift card for a huge expense like college or buying a new car seems futile, but the account earns interest through time, so every Clariity gift card you give, will be worth more in the future to the recipient. If the whole family were to give the individual a Clariity gift card, the interest gained on the account would be even higher. Or, with a little bit of pre-planning, you can start putting gift cards into an account before the special event to maximize the amount you can give to fit your budget. The possibilities are endless for why someone would need a savings account, and with Clariity on your side, you will not only make your loved one’s day, you will be investing in their future.

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