CDs, games and DVDs: Trade them in for cash!

Johnny Cash takes up valuable space on our closet floor. Not just Johnny. Everyone from John Denver to the Rolling Stones, the Animals, Beatles, Yardbirds – lots of animals, come to think of it – are in there with Johnny. That’s not a problem. Those are my treasures. But our teenage son’s room, now that’s a problem.

Who knows what’s at the bottom of those piles of Duck Hunt for Nintendo, and Mario Brothers, and Halo and Halo II and Halo III and Halo IV – well, I admit it, I don’t know how many Halo games there are, but a lot. And we’ve got them all, piled up. They’re probably covering a Commodore 64 somewhere among our treasures. And Pong. Pretty sure Pong is there, too.
And movies. Tons of DVDs.

Movies are stacked on my turntable. Movies are stacked in corners, on shelves, on tables, shoved behind cabinets. How many copies of Cinderella – or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, for that matter – and on how many formats, does one family need? OK, yes. The vinyl is a problem, too. It’s a problem because the wife says it’s a problem – and when the wife identifies a problem, it’s a problem.

We’ve known for years that there’s a market for used vinyl. Not so much for cassettes and 8-tracks. But we’re learning about the market for used DVDs and games as well.
Folks, you can earn cash!

Actually, it was the teenage boy who first jumped on this bandwagon of selling your old DVD’s, CD’s or Video Games for cash. It wasn’t altruistic. And it wasn’t because he saw the clutter as a problem.

It was cash.

My boy saw the new Xbox system on the horizon and went into a mad effort to raise cash quick. Original Halo? Sold. Air Force Delta Storm? Gone. Chronicles of Narnia? Goodbye. Within just a few weeks, the lad had enough cash to buy his new system – all by selling games he not only didn’t use, but probably didn’t even have a gaming system that would play them.
He got his new system. We got to see the carpeting in his bedroom, again.

Everyone wins.

Now we’re going through our DVDs and CDs.

Those are cash – cash headed to our pockets.

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