My Quick Refund Review — Nobody is Immune From Scammers

In this article, I’d like to talk about My Quick Refund, the company fighting online scams and helping victims get their misappropriated money back. Online Fraud Can Affect Anyone The unsuccessful experience of thousands of traders proves that special skills and deep knowledge don’t guarantee 100% protection against scammers. You can read several books a month, have a university degree, regularly check out new educational content, and still find yourself caught up in a scam. Every year fraudulent schemes become more and more sophisticated. With the advent of the Internet, scammers invented dozens of ways to deceive gullible citizens and …

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filling out personal information on laptop

I Accidentally Gave Out My Personal Information… Am I In Trouble?

Are you worried because you accidentally gave out your personal information to a scammer? This happens to a lot of people. Maybe you entered your info in a malicious website, responded to an email scam, mistakenly believed that the person on the phone was really from the bank, or maybe you were chatting with someone you thought you knew. Whatever the circumstance you’re in, it’s important for you to stay vigilant and take the necessary steps to ensure that you can protect yourself in case somebody uses your information deceptively or causes harm. By giving out your personal information, you …

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Help! I Opened A Phishing Email On My iPhone

You’re casually browsing your email inbox on your iPhone and (without even thinking) you accidentally open an email that initially looks legit. However, upon closer inspection, you now suspect that it’s a malicious email. Your fears are not misplaced – Google discovered over 2 million phishing websites in 2021. Hackers are at work trying to steal your information 24/7. Don’t skip over this article even if you think you might be safe because you are using an iPhone. It is likely that some of your personal information is already exposed on the web. We’ll help determine if you’re at risk …

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What to Do if You Have Been Scammed Over the Phone?

Have you been scammed over the phone? Maybe you thought you were talking to an actual government official so provided your personal information or perhaps you paid money thinking that the person calling you was legitimate. You’re probably dumbfounded right now because you can’t even imagine that you fell victim to the phone scam. Believe it or not, you’re not alone in this. There is a common misconception that only older people or those who are not well-educated fall for phone scams. In reality, however, millions of Americans become victims of phone scams year after year. According to the 2020 …

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How To Catch Someone Stealing Money

Whether it’s at home or the office, nobody wants to be a victim of theft. It’ll make you feel disappointed, angry, and betrayed. Stealing can damage personal or work relationships. It destroys the trust you have for a person, may it be a family member, a colleague, or an employee. How do you catch someone stealing money? How do you confront the person? What can you do to prevent it from happening again? How to catch a family member stealing? Someone is stealing from me but I have no proof. We’ve heard it quite often. If you believe a family …

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what to do after being scammed on craigslist

What To Do After Being Scammed On Craigslist?

Craigslist remains one of the most popular online marketplaces these days ever since it started as an email list back in 1995. In 2019, the AIM Media Group said Craigslist ranked as the top advertising site in the world in terms of revenue and traffic. It ranked 8th on EcommerceBytes’ 2020 Sellers Choice Awards. Millions of users flock to the online classified ad website every month to look for anything from rental apartments to used cars to furniture. Unfortunately, anyone can make an anonymous post on Craigslist, which has paved the way for scammers to exploit the site’s massive user …

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Beware Of These Baby Boomer Scams

If you are of the baby boom era do you know that you are a prime target for financial scams? The aging baby boom population, due to their high asset value, seems to be the target these days for numerous scams that can really hit your pocket book. Baby boomers need to know what to look out for in order to protect their assets. Here is a peek at just a few of the top scams to watch out for. Reverse Mortgage Fraud A reverse mortgage is a home loan product that is designed to help elders remain in their …

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Computer Scams Con The Curious

Computer Scams Con the Curious

Most of you have received at least a few e-mails that made you curious enough that you wanted to open it even if you didn’t recognize the sender.  I get them all the time.  I got one just today.  Boomers Beware! It that read as follows: ============================================================== Dear AIB Customer, Your Internet Banking access has been suspended due to many unsuccessful login attempts. You are kindly advised to follow the instructions below to reactivate your account. The activation form is attached to this email. Please download the attachment, open it, and follow the instructions on your screen. =================================================================== I don’t have an …

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Cyber warfare puts businesses at risk from collateral damage

In the darkest days of the Cold War two of the most fearsome weapons created in mankind’s imagination were invented. These weapons had contradictory aims. One was the neutron bomb, a nuclear bomb that was designed to emit high energy neutrons rather than simple explosive energy, with the result that there would be huge numbers of deaths, though the amount of damage to buildings and other physical objects would be minimized. The other was a nuclear EMP bomb. This was a nuclear bomb that would be exploded at high altitude and which was designed to deliver much of its energy …

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Financial Crimes: Keeping Your Money Safe in a Troubled Economy

With the job market still recovering from the 2008 recession and many financial institutions in trouble, keeping your money safe has never been more important. Criminals in the financial sector have found cunning new ways to take advantage of new technology and investor naivety, enabling them to lead businesses and individuals to complete financial ruin. In addition to making wise investment decisions, you and your money will benefit from a refresher course in financial crime. Computer Fraud One of the most prevalent financial crimes in the digital age, computer fraud occurs when hackers find their way into your computer and …

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