The Round Up- Super Bowl Shuffle Style

My initial thought was to video tape me doing a rendition of the original Super Bowl Shuffle in honor of today’s big game.  At closer thought, I realized that I was trying to grow my readers, not scare them away.  So instead, I’ll just offer my findings of the week out there in the blogosphere.  Enjoy! Findings of The Week Dealing With A Job Loss: What To Do When You’re Laid Off at Bible Money Matters — A great and timely resources.  I’ll be bookmarking this one because I may need it later this year…unfortunately. 52 Ways to Make Extra Money at Prime …

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Sweet Sixteen Roundup

Wow! What another great year of NCAA basketball. How are your brackets holding up? Next year I think I’ll just choose blindly and still do better than my picks this year. And how about those Butler Bulldogs? Insane! Reads of the week Pop Economics | The brilliant idea: How “focus” can destroy creativity The Military Wallet | What Happens If You Contribute Too Much to an IRA? Canadian Finance Blog | Earn More By Upgrading Your Resume PT Money | Where to Get Taxes Done Boomer and Echo | Choose Your Retirement Date Smart On Money | Mortgage Aid Programs To End? Enemy of Debt | Creative Ways to Pay Down Your Debt Debt …

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Spring Is Here – Round Up

Okay, technically it’s not spring, but we did have sun over the weekend and even flirted with 50 degree weather. Might not be complete shorts and flip flop weather yet; but one can still hope. Until spring actually gets here, take a look at some good posts from around the web. Reads of the Week Not Made of Money | Saving For College: When You Shouldn’t Do It. Squirrelers | The Disposition Effect. Oblivious Investor | Your Personal Rate of Inflation. Money Smarts Blog | TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage Review. The Financial Blogger | 6 Superheroes Bloggers I Admire. Bucksome Boomer | Resolutionize Your Finances: Insurance. USNews – Money | The New Rules for …

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Sunday Rainy Roundup

Rain, rain, go away….I would usually be saying that other than the fact, I love seeing all our grass and plants in bloom. It’s the perfect kind of day to be lazy around the house and hope that our team’s game isn’t rained out. Want a Free iPad? Go Banking Rates is having another awesome contest that all you have to do is nominate to local bank if you think it has what it takes to be one of the best nationwide.  Yes, it’s that easy!   Have a bank in mind?   Click here to begin the process and help out your local bank …

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Super Bowl Roundup

Super bowl Sunday baby! Get your wings, dips, chips and beverage of choice ready – because it’s go time. I’m expecting this to be a clash of some classic teams going at it. I don’t really have any loyalty to any team, but I think it’s Aaron Rodgers year. Brett who? Reads of the Week Financial Highway | You Are Not The Stocks You Invest In Wealth Pilgrim | Professional LLC Think Your Way To Wealth | Why An Emergency Fund is So Important When Trying to Get Out of Debt Amateur Asset Allocator | Is Gold A Good Investment Now? Live Real Now | How to Save Money On …

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Retirement Planning Roundup

Your retirement can be argued as the single most important event that will occur in your entire life.  With most of us living longer these days, there’s a strong probability that you may spend more of your adult life in retirement rather than working.   That’s why it’s such an important topic, but unfortunately gets overlooked  by many.   When it comes to planning for retirement, you only get one shot- (kind of hard to retire twice in one lifetime.)   To help prevent making a costly mistake, I’ve asked some of the premier personal bloggers to share some of their best …

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