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Risks In Buying Gold

Gold certainly has a very powerful history and since its discovery the metal has been symbolized as a means of wealth and power. Throughout history nations have obsessed over gold, killed for it and held power because of it. The question that you often hear today is: Is gold a good purchasing investment or are the risks simply too high and not worth it? Here is a look at why people like to invest in gold along with what you need to consider and watch out for if you do decide to invest in it. Why People Buy Gold Many …

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Scottrade Review: Opening an Online Trading Account

Scottrade is one of the most solidified discount brokers in the industry. They offer competitive trading costs as well as great customer service. Scottrade has a standard fee for every transaction of $7 dollars. They also offer the ability to trade options for $7 per trade, plus $1.25 per contract. Opening an Online Account with Scottrade Scottrade offers several different platforms for their customers which offer a variety of options depending upon what you the investor feels comfortable with. They offer their Web Platform which gives you access to strictly their online site, you will not be required to download anything on …

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Risks in Taking a Loan Against Your Retirement Account

As you get older you realize that your life hasn’t turned out exactly the way you thought it would. Luckily in most cases you have a happy life, filled with people you care about and a lot of good memories. However, when many people look back on their lives approaching retirement, they can find that their life is filled with too little money, and so look to take out a loan. Not only is taking out a loan when you are at retirement age risky, it is also very difficult, and to help you make the decision on the best …

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