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5 Tips for Buying a Second Hand Motorbike

Whether you’re purchasing a first time ride for your “old lady” or found a steal of a deal, buying second hand can be a great way to get some variety in your riding. As long as you remember these simple tips, you won’t get burned, maybe a little road rash. #1 Before You Leave For a start, check websites like Motorcycle News for similar bikes in your area that have sold recently, and what they went for. Try to go on a nice day, if possible. A dry road makes for a much easier test drive later. While we’re on …

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Affordable Vacation Homes for Boomers

In the golden years, many baby boomers flock to their dream retirement locations.   Times have changed.  Retirements have been postponed due to untimely cracking of nest eggs that were supposed to fund these years.  If you are still looking to buy an affordable vacation home, then you might want to consider these four locations.  The housing bubble pops painfully in many popular second homes areas and these are no exception. Median values fell 10% to 20% in the past year alone and are expected to bottom in the next 12 months.   These retirement locations might have your diamond in the …

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Computer Monitors Obsolete: Should You Buy a TV Instead?

  New HD TV Replacing My Monitor I recently lost my computer monitor.  Well, I didn’t really lose it, it died.  I guess leaving it on 24/7 isn’t “green” or good for the ‘Ol monitor either.  The monitor was a Hewlett Packard 22 inch flat wide screen LCD HDMI monitor which I thought was pretty nice.  She was only approximately two and a half years old when she passed away.  To lessen my environmental impact, I utilized e-waste recycling to get rid of the old thing!  When shopping for a new replacement, here is what I found. Computer monitors ain’t as cheap as I thought …

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Holiday Shopping Will Require Much More Detailed Budgeting

With the holiday shopping season just a few short months away, shoppers should be aware that the recent financial changes to banking fees and credit cards courtesy of the Durbin Amendment may be changing the way people shop. Not only do consumers have to budget extra cash for higher banking expenses in general, there also appears to be no relief for consumers in the stores. Changes Not In Store for Retailers The Durbin Amendment has limited the price banks can charge for interchange fees on debit card purchase transactions. Where banks could once charge 44 centers for each transaction at the register, …

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How to Work out your Budget with Your Kids

Living a debt free life can be emphasized more by leading a simple life. Simpler life does not mean cutting down on your expenses, but removing all that is useless. You have to be saner when you are spending your money. Today if you save, it will give you a secure tomorrow. Debts are a common problem. If you survey, you will find these stories in every second household. So there is nothing to be ashamed of. You have run out of money, not life. If you face a problem, there will be a solution as well. Across the nations, …

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Where Are Baby Boomers Cutting Their Spending?

The past twelve months have been hard on baby boomers to say the least.  Boomers have seen their retirement accounts cut in half with the cost of living increasing each and every day.   When time get tough, boomers have to change their ways and try to adapt.   Most boomers have resorted to cutting back their spending to try and save  a buck.  Here are the areas that boomers have cut their spending the most. 1. Reduced spending on entertainment: 79% Most boomers are cutting back on watching movies, ball games, plays and anywhere that can be watched at home. 2. …

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