Canadian Banks vs American Banks: Chequing and Savings Accounts Compared

Dual citizenship has its privileges. For instance, you can own property outside the country, avoid the need for travel visas, and so on. However, here’s a benefit you might not have thought of – expanded banking options. As a citizen of a second country, you’re free to open a savings/chequing account there. From higher interest rates to lower fees, there are countless reasons for doing so. Canadians and Americans have dual citizenship in countless countries around the world. However, US-Canadian citizenship is one of the most common arrangements. If you’re one of them, what advantages do American chequing and savings …

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can i get my money back from a bank transfer

Can I Get My Money Back From A Bank Transfer?

With how technology has advanced, there are now many ways to transfer and move money. Money transfers have become so high-tech that you can send money to someone on the other side of the world within minutes. Decades ago, you had to physically withdraw money in the bank and deposit it to another person’s bank account. Now, you can transfer money online or even through a mobile app. You don’t even need to speak to anyone to complete a transaction. While there are many advantages and conveniences attached to these financial innovations, there are also drawbacks. If you make an …

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How To Get Overdraft Fees Refunded: A Step By Step Guide

If you’ve been charged an overdraft fee by your bank, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to get out of paying this amount. A lot of times, most people just pay the fee without ever questioning or contesting it. It should not be surprising then that according to the Center for Responsible Lending, banks took $11 Billion in overdraft fees in 2019. The good news is that you can try to refund this fee especially if it’s your first time ever getting charged. Instead of just blindly paying the overdraft fee, you can follow this step by step guide …

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What Can Someone Do With Your Bank Account And Routing Number?

If you’re being asked to provide your bank account and routing number to a person or business entity, you might be wondering if it is safe to give out your bank details. Why do they need these two numbers in the first place? Maybe you’re hesitant because you’ve never given out these details before and you’re afraid it might compromise your bank account. This fear is probably tenfold if you’ve already provided these details or if someone was able to access your bank account details without your authorization. So, what can someone do with your bank account number and routing …

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featured image of man successfully cash out of prepaid card

How To Successfully Transfer Money From A Prepaid Card To Your Bank Account

Having a prepaid card is a convenient way to pay for products and services, whether in-store or online. Instead of carrying cash around, you just load your money on your prepaid debit card, making it safer and more practical. You can also get your paycheck and government benefits on your prepaid card. If you’re more into cryptocurrency, you can use the Bitcoin IRA, just like other available IRAs to receive your retirement benefits. We recommend the Bitcoin IRA review for proper guidance with this. With so many of us using prepaid cards, one commonly asked question is how to transfer …

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Advantages of Banking Offshore

If your hands are fairly covered in blisters and sores from all the holes you’ve been digging in the backyard to bury your money, it might be time to move in a different direction. An offshore account can provide you with the help you need and options for fixed rate bonds while allowing you to remain in your current tax bracket. An offshore bank, put simply, is just a banking institution that resides somewhere other than your own tax jurisdiction. They are popular mainly among clients managing large sums, who would prefer to have a level of privacy and a reduction in …

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ALLY Bank Review: No Penalty CD

One of baby boomer’s worse nightmares is needing income but not having a source that actually pays any interest. Interest rates have been low for quite some time (too long for many), and finding the highest interest rate for your savings accounts is a must. One viable option is the online bank Ally. If you’re looking for a competitive rate online, then you might want to check Ally out. Here’s a review of Ally bank why they might be the best online bank for you. Ally No Penalty CD Quick History and Terms Ally bank is the new product of what used …

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Benefits of International Banking

Ever since the emergence of the global economy the increase in the use of International Banking services for both travelers and business people has blossomed like poppies in a vacant field. Just some brief due diligence on your part will show plenty of added benefits you’ll gain from working with International Banking services. Actually having offshore accounts will produce the one word you may be looking for: “relaxed.” You know things like relaxed tax rules for a starter. That, along with additional relaxed rules, means you’ll be able to enjoy income tax relief with your bank accounts since they are not subject …

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Best Online Checking Accounts to Simplify Your Life

There are hundreds of different types of checking/savings accounts that can be opened, but which one is right for you? I feel that the answer to this question totally depends on the type of person that you are, and how often you need access to your accounts. Some of the major personal attributes that will effect which type of account you should have are as follows, are you mobile (do you use a cell phone that has a link to the internet), do you feel safe being able to do all of your transactions with no physical location, how often …

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Budgeting with a managed bank account

Once all the essential expenses are taken care of, just about everyone has a limited amount of money available every month. Managed bank accounts are designed to help those who need to do a bit of budgeting, and would like a helping hand along the way. Borrowing and debt If you’re not really sure how much you spend every month, it’s easy to fall back on borrowing from time to time. However, if your borrowing becomes unaffordable, you might have a serious problem. A bank account that could help you avoid borrowing in the first place is one with no …

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