Can I Move Legally to the USA Without a Job?

The United States is among the most desirable destinations for would-be expats, anywhere in the world. To obtain the right to reside there permanently, however, you’ll need to jump through a few legal hoops.

The Trump era has made immigration into the USA more complex – but that doesn’t mean that the fabled wall has actually gone up. With the help of the right legal representation, it’s possible for a solution to be found in even difficult cases.

Of course, if you don’t have a job to move into, then you’ll face a greater challenge. Fortunately, there are several types of visas available to those who’ve not yet found work.


The EB-1A is the exceptional talent visa equivalent for the United States. Like most countries, the US is keen to welcome the world’s best and brightest: that means world-class soccer players, brilliant scientists, and high-performing executives. Of course, demonstrating your competence can be difficult, depending on your field of expertise. Awards, letters of reference, and a strong business portfolio can all help you to make your case.


If you’re an international investor and entrepreneur willing to put money into the American economy, then you’ll be able to simply buy your way in. If you have at least $500,000 spare, you’re well on your way to a green card. Rather than having a job to walk into, you’ll be expected to provide jobs for American workers.

EB-2 and EB-3

EB-2 and EB-3 are the categories of visas that actively require the input of an employer, which will be expected to sponsor the worker in order to get them into the country. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring employer to file a petition on behalf of the would-be immigrant, with the USCIS.

Diversity Immigrant Visa

The US makes around 50,000 visas available every year to residents of countries with historically low rates of immigration into the US, as part of the Diversity Immigrant Visa program. Every entry into this program must be submitted electronically, and requests are effectively granted on a random basis. Just one entry can be submitted per person during a given registration period.

Why do I need a lawyer?

It’s technically possible to get into the United States legally, without the need for outside assistance. However, the process is complicated and fast-moving; you’ll need to fill out and understand a range of forms, many of which might be written in a language you’re not yet fluent in. Often, the status of your application might shift, and you’ll need to be able to react quickly to take advantage.

An experienced immigration lawyer will have the skills and experience to recognize the likely outcome of a given course of legal action and to advise you of what the appropriate next step should be. They’ll be able to present you with options and give you the best chance of emerging with a visa in hand. If their input spells the difference between a successful application and an unsuccessful one, then the asking price might well be worthwhile.

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