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Are you a boomer that’s on the brink of a meltdown with your current employer?  Many boomers feel stuck in their current position, melting away until they can claim their first social security check.   Many would love to leave and start fresh with a new career, but are worried about the current job market.  If you are one those, you may be in luck.  CNN Money just released a report on three job markets that are still hot and I added one for safe measure.  So it’s time to dust off the resume, buy a new suit, and get your interview skill in check.   Here’s a look at some of the job markets that are still hot.

1. Education.

Remember when you used to be the teacher’s pet?   Well, not it’s your turn to become the lecturer.  Layoffs, boomer’s with new careers and increasing interest in degree program and certifications are boosting employment within the sector. The education industry added more then 9,000 additions last November according to the U.S. Labor Department.

2. Health Services.

All boomers are going to need some sort of health care in their lives.  Aging boomers are creating greater demand for health care. In fact, may argue that the sheer number of older patients will eventually swamp the industry, but for now, Diane Fitting , vice president for staffing companies , tell the health care industry is in the healthiest sector of the U.S. job market.

3. Accounting.

Only two certainties in life- Death and Taxes.   People will always need some sort of tax counseling.  Whether it’s doing annual returns, or taking to the next level and becoming a CPA, there will always be a demand in this industry.

4. Financial Planning

As you know, baby boomers are retiring every second and will need advice mapping out their retirement years.  Since you are already a boomer, you’ll both be able to relate and help thim with your situation.  If you have knack for numbers, this might be the profession for you.

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