The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income.

George Foreman

How to Choose the Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Like many working class individuals, I had accumulated some unnecessary credit card debt along the way. With all the credit card processing companies out there, it makes it that much easier to over-use credit cards. It was manageable credit card debt, but with an interest rate that was hovering around 15%, I knew I could do better.

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5 Tips for Altering Your Mental Approach to Debt

What if your debt was all in your mind? Before you get your hopes up, I don’t mean that it’s a figment of your imagination, but rather that your outlook on spending could be contributing to the problem and a change in perspective might very well be part of the solution. In other words, debt isn’t necessarily

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8 Things to Consider When Starting a Business

In light of the recession scare and the housing crisis and the high unemployment rates, many entrepreneurial types are choosing to venture out on their own to provide security for their family by setting up their own business. There are more new businesses being established than ever before but honestly the task is not one

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20 Ways To Save Money On Your Vacation

Vacations are fun, but they can cost a pretty packet. Don’t blow your budget on a vacation. Read our tips for enjoying a relaxing holiday for less. Many people tend to find that their budgets go haywire when they go on vacation. Vacations can be expensive, but savvy holidaymakers know how to enjoy a relaxing

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ETF’s to Buy to Hedge For Inflation

One of the most overlooked factors in retirement planning is the effect of inflation. We all know that the price of good and services continually go up, and no matter your investing goals, you can’t ignore the eroding effect inflation will have your assets.  In a study done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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