Blagojevich Pleads Insanity. Yep, He Thinks Everyone Else is Nuts!

s-blagojevich-letterman-largeIllinois Governor Rod Blagojevich seems to be setting himself up for an insanity plea in his criminal trial.  It really doesn’t take that much set up.  Let’s face it, he is not stupid but he is definitely “Nuckin’ Futs”!  He actually thinks it’s everyone else that is crazy.  In his own way he’s pleading insanity for the rest of the world.  One of his best supporters in the past, and big time power player in the Chicago political corruption machine, Mayor M. Daily (son of Richard J. Daily) even called him cuckoo!  I don’t blame the Mayor.   He has to feel a little threatened and he needs to convince others that Blago is crazy before he gets dragged in deeper himself.  And what about good old Emil Jones?

Did Emil Jones Get Out Just in Time?

Emil Jones, President of the Illinois Senate, has been uncharacteristically quiet.blago-jones1 Blago’s long time strongest supporter conviently announced his resignation just before the Feds closed in and arrested his buddy.  Prior to this Jones was a high profile Blagojevich supporter.  Ever since the arrest we haven’t heard a word from him.  Emil was also the person most responsible for Barrack Obama becoming a U.S. Senator to begin with.   

What About Blago’s Other Friends?

blago-obama1All of his best friends, including Barrack Obama, act as if they barely know him.  Obama was one of Blagojevich’s top three advisers the last time Blago was re-elected.  Why are they jumping ship?  Because everyone knows that Blago is political poison, a narcissistic nut case, and more than willing to take them down with him.  He is dropping names, and when he finally figures out he isn’t going to get out of jail time, he will really spill his guts.  When that happens, we all may be surprised who goes down.  Some of  the other big names include, Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Senior Advisor Valerie Jarret, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle and many more.  He wanted to be able to supeana them as witnesses in his Senate trial.  How would you like to be one of them called for that duty?  I don’t think he would have gotten any volunteers.   He even admitted that they would only show under supeana.

Now please, tell me how any of these people could possibly stand up under oath and testify against him without implicating themselves.  If he gets them on the stand the only choice they have is to claim they had no inappropriate conversations with him or to plead the fifth!  They are ruined if they say anything different!  He has them by the short hairs.  He is a crook but he isn’t a stupid crook.  Don’t worry Barrack, the news media will make sure your butt is covered.  I’m sure when this is all over, somehow you will be a hero for saving us from all the crooked Illinois politicians!

Not Just a Senate Seat issue.  Don’t forget the rest of the Charges?

Unfortunately, the news media has settled in on his attempted sale of the Barrack Obama Senate seat, but they quickly forget that the charges go way beyond just that.  That is just one of many charges.  Even if he were to be found not guilty of auctioning off the Senate seat, since no money actually changed hands, he still has plenty of other charges to answer to.  One of which is threatening to withhold substantial state assistance to the Chicago Tribune in connection with the sale of Wrigley field in attempt to force the Tribune into firing some of its employees who had been critical of him in the media.  I think they call that extortion!  Other allegations include, withholding state assistance to a children’s hospital in exchange for $50,000 from a top hospital executive, withholding signature on other important legislation pending receipt of personal campaign funding.  The charges include things such as conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, solicitation of bribery, extortion, mis-appropriation of funds, and abuse of power.  I am from Illinois and let me tell you, nothing surprises me with this jerk wad.

Blago’s Lawyer Resigns!

Last week his lawyer even announced he was resigning from the criminal case because he prefers to have a client that listens.  He said he doesn’t insist his clients always follow his advice, but does expect them to at least listen once in a while.  This guy hasn’t listened to anyone for the last six years and now refuses to listen to his own lawyer.

Hires same PR firm as Drew Peterson

Launching a PR campaign, he compared himself to an honest, hardworking cowboy and said he was about to be “lynched by a band of black-hatted political insiders eager to raise taxes”.   He hired the same PR firm as Drew Peterson.  He is boycotting his own trial in the Senate because he says it is so unfair.  Besides there isn’t time for it with his busy PR schedule.

The Blago Media Blitz and Side Show – Boomer’s Ain’t Buyin it!

Monday January 25,2009

  • NBC’s Today Sow 9taped in Chicago
  • ABC’s Good Morning America
  • ABC’s The View
  • CNN’s Larry King Show (Click Here)
  • FOX’s On The Record with Greta Van Susteren
  • Fox and Friends

Tuesday January 26, 2009

  • 6:45 AM – CBS’s Evening News (taped before the CBS’s The Early Show)
  • 7:00 AM – CBS’s The Early Show
  • 8:10 AM – Fox and Friends
  • 8:45 AM’s  – Studio (450 W. 33rd St)
  • 10:30 AM – Fox Business Network (1211 Avenue of America)
  • 11:15 AM – In Session/ TruTV : Jami Floyd: Best Defense (600  3rd Avenue)
  • 12:30 – Glenn Beck (FOX) (Click Here)
  • 1:30 PM – Campbell Brown (CNN Center)
  • 2:00 PM – Rachel Maddow (30 Rockefeller Center)
  • 2:30 PM – Greta Van Susteren (undisclosed Location)
  • 3:30 PM DL Hughley (CNN Center)

Stick To the Talking Points – Never Answer The Question!

I watched them all!  His strategy was simple.  You could have pre-taped his responses in the first interview and played it in all the others.  No matter what the question, the answer was the same!  He sounded like a broken record.  He denied any wrong doing and stuck to his talking points like any good politician.  Same story over and over.   The only thing new brought to the table was that he  revealed he seriously considered Oprah Winfrey for the Obama Senate slot.  She definitely has the money to pay for it!  He never did actually ask her according to her.   Heraldo was ridiculous, as always, and actually supported this guy.  Larry King tried his best to get an answer, and actually seemed frustrated that he couldn’t crack him.  He is no dummy, just an arogant crook in deep “doo-dah”  My favorite was the Glenn Beck interview.  Probably the only one really worth watching again – is the Glenn Beck interviews;  ” Blago vs. Beck Part One and Part Two: (Click Here)

NEWS FLASH!!! After boycotting his trial and the huge Media Blitz to try his case in the “court of public opinion“, now the Blago changes his mind and wants to attend his Senate trial on the last day with a closing statement.  Ain’t that special.  First, he refuses to be there to answer the questions under the premise that the trial was a sham and unfair, and now he wants to attend for a closing statement in front of more News media!   What a circus!

I think they should handle this guy the same way an old boomer boss of mine would have done it!

First …Fire Him!  Then … take him out behind the building and Beat the crap out of him!

Sorry, the next circus event is about to begin … his closing statement in front of the Illinois Senate.  Stay tuned, more to come.  Papa B

NEWS FLASH UPDATE !!! Blago tossed out by vote of ( 59 – 0 )… Now X-Governor of Illinois! Sounds like his PR Firm must be crooks too.  If  I was Blago, I would want my money back!  I think they are doing  just about as well with the Drew Peterson case.  I’m not sure I understand the strategy of him telling the Senate that he did the same things his first term and, if they were going to impeach him, they should have done it then … Instead the people re-elected him.  Not a great defense in my opinion.  Maybe he really is crazy!  Papa B.

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