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Savings accounts are one of the essential tools for everyone’s financial planning toolbox.  Whether you have 3 months of emergency funds or 12 months of emergency funds, you want to make sure your getting the highest rate of return on your savings accounts.   Below is list of some of the best savings rates that you can find with online banks.  This list will be forever growing as new and higher paying alternatives become available.

Savings Accounts Interest Rate (APY) Minimum Deposit Details Review
ING Direct 1.1% $1 ING practically invented the word of “online bank” as it was the only major offering for years before its competition realized the power of the Internet. As a result, ING commands a big chunk of market share, and continues to dominate with its user friendly interface.
Ever Bank Yield Pledge Money Market Account 1.51% $1,500 There is a 2.25% Bonus Rate for the first three months. $1,500 initial-deposit requirement. No-fees for online banking with over $5000 balance. $8.95 monthly fee otherwise. You can make up to six withdrawals per month.
WT Direct Savings Account 1.26% $10,000 There is no minimum deposit required to open the account. For the first 60 days from the date the account is opened, regardless of the account balance, the account will earn the highest APY. After the first 60 days, if the balance drops below $10,000, the APY drops to 0.15% APY.
Perk Street FinancialChecking Account 2% (for 6 months) 1% thereafter. $25 To get 2% cash back for six months (180 days), just open an account online with at least $25. The six month period will begin once your account has been opened. You’ll earn cash back on all non-PIN debit card purchases.

After the six month period, you’ll earn 1 % Cash Back on all non-PIN debit card purchases – which is phenomenal compared to other debit cards.

Saving Account Alternatives

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