Best Mattresses To Ease Joint Pain

If you’re like most people, you spend at least a third of your life in bed; therefore, it should come as no surprise that your sleeping environment will have a huge effect on your daily plans. An often overlooked aspect of this is the aches and pains that so many millions of us live with, which can result from strenuous physical activity, our everyday movements, and the very common ailment of arthritis.

In fact, over 50 million Americans suffer from the joint pain that’s associated with arthritis. Even more surprising, 4 out of 5 of these people attribute their joint pain from poor sleep! This realization opens up a pathway to a solution – and it all begins with the mattress you use. In the following, you’ll see our editor’s best picks for mattresses that are known to ease joint pain.

The Casper Wave Mattress – Emphasis on Your Spine

Let’s face it: your spine is the backbone of your body – both literally and figuratively. All manner of aches and pains actually derive from poor spine alignment.

It is with this in mind that engineers and bedding artisans put together the so-called Casper Wave Mattress. Among its many attributes is a markedly softer surface, which does wonders for minimizing pressure on your spine. It is this pressure that usually exacerbates preexisting spinal misalignments, which manifest as all those aches and pains you feel the next morning.

The softer foam surface of the Casper Wave help tons with arthritis, by making it easier for you to readjust your body at night. Close to the surface of the mattress are patented gel pods, which assuage over two dozen known pressure points on the human body.

The CertiPUR-US Certified Bear Mattress

The name is quite the mouthful – but make no mistake, this mattress is known for its exceptional performance. It’s a technological powerhouse, with trademarked Celliant textile that actually helps repair sore muscles while you sleep. How does it manage to accomplish this, you ask?

The mechanism involves air flow: the textile is built with infrared tech that promotes the flow of extra oxygen. Although not quite as soft as the Casper Wave, the Bear Mattress is capable of contouring to your body well enough to ease joint aches. The additional pliability comes in the form of a slightly “bouncy” surface. It of course also provides ample spine support.

There are quite a few variations of the Bear Mattress; to get the best fit, it is probably best if you try it out physically at a local Sleepworld location. While there, you will almost certainly find most of the other mattress options available in this review – try them on for size.

Elite Pressure Relief with the Layla Mattress

As you may have guessed, this mattress is comprised completely of memory foam – which is what gives it the best-in-class pressure relief capabilities. You will truly sink into this surface, where the elite foam will then provide support once it has contoured to your form and applied itself to your pressure points.

An added benefit to the Layla Mattress is that it can be flipped to the other side for a different level of firmness. This is a wonderful attribute, in that, as your arthritis ebbs and flows over the months/years, you can switch to greater or lesser firmness as befits your pressure point support needs at the time. The polyfoam layer comes with a slip cover that has ThermoGEL – which is a cooling substance – embedded throughout. This mattress is tailor-made to keep you warm at night in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Helix Luxe Mattress

With so many awesome mattress options on the line, how does Helix Luxe stand out from the pack? Well first of all, they’ve got a mattress for everyone, and their experts will actually pick the one out for you out of the 14 major options in their line. You just need to tell them what your preferences are, and they’ll find the most suitable of their hybrids. Their mattresses are known to be great for those with arthritis, spinal support issues, a propensity for aches and pains, and more. One of the considerations that you should be certain to mention is whether or not you sleep alone – it makes a world of difference in the suitable choice.

The Latex Option – By Zenhaven

Latex is probably the highest quality material you’ll find in mattresses available to the public. This is represented in the price, too; the naturally responsive and breathable material has many advantages over other materials. Latex is very durable, buoyant and provides an ease of movement that is simply exceptional. And of course – it’s also eco-conscious!

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