Best Jobs for Retirees

Working with a retirement goal in mind is not always the finish line for many people today – about 20% of retirees. It is becoming increasingly popular to find some sort of flexible, part- time job to work in retirement. Most of these people are working because they want to – whether it is to stay busy and to feel useful, or because they want to have a little extra money. Only a small percent anymore work because their social security is not enough to cover their expenses.

Many employers now hire part-time employees or even temporary workers. This is an easy and less expensive way for employers to hire workers, since temps and part-time workers generally do not get any insurance coverage or benefits. This is good news for retirees looking for a simple part-time job to keep them busy, or even something that is a seasonal job for a few months out of the year.

These part-time jobs are great for retirees because they often have more flexible hours/days per week worked. They also pay enough to give them some money, but not so much that it will lower their social security payments. Many times, retirees are even able to find something that they are more knowledgeable of, rather than just any old job. This can make it more fun and interesting so the job is truly something that is the retiree can enjoy as well. There are even jobs that are geared toward more mature workers, which is also something good for retirees to look for.

If you are considering working during retirement, why not start with considering jobs that pertain to your hobbies and interests first? For example, if you enjoy being around children, you can look for a job as a teachers aid, crossing guard or drive a school bus. If you enjoy being around people, there are many jobs to choose from. Some are a host/hostess at a restaurant, working as wait staff, working the front desk at a hotel, or working as a cashier or a salesperson.

If you are someone who enjoys cooking, you might consider working with a catering company. You could also work at a kitchen supply store – you could probably get discounts on things you would love to have in your own kitchen. Another idea is working as a personal chef. More and more people are looking for these as their lives get busier.

If you would love to travel during your retirement, working on a cruise ship could be the right job for you. There are always many different types of jobs on these ships which can include many of the jobs you would find on land such as restaurant positions, photographers, cashiers in gift shops, lifeguards and people to fill in as dance partners for the ship’s guests.

Before you decide, take the time to think about where you would like to work. You have more options now during retirement since you are only looking for something part-time or seasonal. You are sure to be able to find something you can enjoy doing!

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