Beginner-Friendly Guide to Start Your First Side Hustle Gig

Working from home has become the ultimate side hustle. A lot of people have turned to online and remote jobs as a source of extra income. There are thousands of ways to make money online and earn extra cash, you just need to find the right platform and have the required skills to get the job. And for many people, it’s not about getting more income, is allowing quitting your 9-5 job as soon as you have the stability on the remote job.

Benefits of a Side Hustle

The most important benefit is that it protects you financially if you lose your current job. And since no job is safe at this age, imagine how would you feel if you lose a job that is the only source of income. Or even worse, if you are the only one who provides for the family.

Next, a side hustle allows you to pay your debts sooner. And pay off your loans as well. A lot of people have student loans, car loans, house loans, etc. Or, if you get married, you’ll be looking for a house loan which can be earlier paid off in case you have a side gig.

What Is The Best Type of a Side Hustle?

There are thousands of ways to earn more money. While not all of them are worth your time and energy. If your goal is to start a side hustle and grow it over time so it gives you the option of leaving your 9-5, then you’ll need to search for the right type.

There are two types of side hustle gigs, those that will never allow you to make enough to replace your current job since they provide just an additional income. Among these jobs are food delivery, mystery shopping, taking surveys, completing micro-tasks, etc. And then some can allow you to grow a consistent income and provide proportional growth.

These types of jobs have the potential of surpassing the income you make from your current job.

What is Your Goal?

Before diving deep into the side hustle business, it’s important to note a few particular things. First of all, what is your goal for the side hustle job? Is it going to be temporary? Or you are looking for something more permanent? Once you’ve established the purpose of your side hustle search, you are ready to start.

How Much Time Can You Spend?

The next important thing to note is your availability. Do you have free time only during the weekend? Or do you have time throughout the day so you can work on your side hustle? Side hustle gigs give a lot of flexibility when it comes to time, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have enough time today to finish a particular task.

Often, some jobs are with deadlines, so you’ll have the time to organize when to finish the job. Some of the side hustles that allow you a lot of flexibility are creating and selling an online course, blogging, writing articles, publishing eBooks on Kindle, etc. While, other types may demand more of your time, like online teaching or remote customer support jobs.

How Much Do You Want to Earn?

How much you want to earn from the side hustle does not depend only on your will to do so. You’ll need to put in the extra effort and walk the extra mile so you can be well established in the business and earn side gigs more easily the next time. Do you want to earn $1000 as extra each month? Or are you looking for something bigger that will replace your salary?

Some of the side hustlers have limited earning potential while others can earn following their time and availability. Starting an online business can be a good side gig as well. There are two types of businesses you can dive into. The service business and the knowledge business.

The service business means turning your and other people’s skills into service to businesses willing to pay for those services. While knowledge business is about selling your skills, knowledge, and expertise into a service or a product to help your clients meet their requirements.

You Can Sell Services Online

Let’s assume you are a freelancer and want to find a quick side gig to earn extra cash. First, you need to sell your services online where businesses in need of your skills will identify your potential and hire you. Make sure you have an account on LinkedIn where you can find most of the side gigs, register on sites like,,, and many more to bid for projects and get a job.

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