Advantages of Banking Offshore

If your hands are fairly covered in blisters and sores from all the holes you’ve been digging in the backyard to bury your money, it might be time to move in a different direction. An offshore account can provide you with the help you need and options for fixed rate bonds while allowing you to remain in your current tax bracket.

An offshore bank, put simply, is just a banking institution that resides somewhere other than your own tax jurisdiction. They are popular mainly among clients managing large sums, who would prefer to have a level of privacy and a reduction in tax liability that is not available to them domestically. Some investors may even create an entire offshore company that manages its assets.

The most striking and valuable feature of having an offshore account is, of course, avoiding income tax, and at the same time, ensuring your funds against many other types of regulation. Your money will have increased security and mobility offshore, where it can be more readily available in an emergency.

These advantages do come at a considerable price, and that price can be ultimate, if you are not well informed. The first step for any would be international investor is to pinpoint a reliable consulting agency that you can trust. One must remember that circumventing legal obligations is a double edged sword, for if you become a victim of a scam, there will be no lawful recourse available to you. Thus, you will need to have a savvy consultant to guide you along safely.

If the global financial structure were to become a very large pie, for example, half of it would represent the holdings of international banks, according to the experts who study this type of thing. The temptation of the unmatched confidentiality, high-level security, long distance access and tax avoidance that these offshore banks can provide, is far too alluring for the majority of wealthy individuals and corporations.

More and more, micro-nations are leaping onto the bandwagon of private banking, envious of the prosperity it brings to other similar mini-states. Taking advantage of these fresh territories can vastly lower the initial investment needed to create an account. Gone are the days of having to endure arduous international flights in order to service an account; banking can be done online at light speed through encrypted communications.

To recap, why should you consider obtaining an offshore bank account? Well, if safeguarding your assets, ensuring anonymity, having instant electronic access, and of course, paying fewer taxes sound like something you’d be interested in, then, there is your answer. All this can be had by transferring your resources offshore with the assistance of an extremely capable consultant.


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