Accuquote Review: Getting Life Insurance Quotes Online Easy and Cheap

Accuquote offers a variety of different life insurance options, so depending on the safety net you would like to establish, they will have a plan to suit your needs. There are many different types of life insurance available to us, and with health care costs rising at a rapid rate, life insurance could be the saving grace you leave behind for your family.

Policy Types:

Term Life Insurance with Accuquote

There are variations of term life insurance but I will break it down into a simple version. Term life insurance is generally the cheapest but could also turn out to be the most risky. Essentially you will pick a term (number of years) you would like your policy to last for, and a death benefit. The death benefit is what you will receive if the insured dies during the term period. There is no cash value to this type of policy so if the insured does not die within the period than there is no collection. Your premiums will depend upon the term that you select as well as your age when you apply.

Permanent Life Insurance

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Permanent life insurance is a policy structure that has no term attached. If you were to purchase a permanent life insurance policy then the insured would be able to receive the benefit no matter what year the insured were to die. Permanent life insurance is also a savings mechanism, as you pay the premiums your insurance policy will have a cash value. This cash value will appreciate throughout time as you pay your premiums. You will have the option to cash out your insurance policy at any point in time for this cash value. There is also a death benefit attached to the policy, which will be the amount the insured will receive upon death.

Accuquote Also Offers Accidental Death Insurance

Accidental death insurance is pretty much the same as it sounds, if you were to die from an accident then you could be insured up to $500,000 for as little as $11 per month through Accuquote. The plan through Accuquote also includes with no additional cost a travel accident benefit. This travel accident benefit will pay the insured 100% more if they were to die on a fare-paying bus, train, airplane or subway.

Disability Insurance

Most people are offered some type of disability insurance through their employer. The problem with the group plan of your employer is that if you change jobs, you will lose the policy. With Accuquote you can purchase a disability insurance plan that carries from employer to employer. There is also a guarantee that your premiums will not be raised above the amount shown in their policy and that your policy is renewable. Your income is essential to provide for your family, so why not protect it?

Final Expense Insurance

This insurance policy will provide your family with a previously agreed amount upon your death to pay for the burial procedures as well as other expenses upon your death. The policy will never be cancelled and has low monthly premiums dependent upon your age.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance in today’s world is arguably the most important. People are living longer than ever and health insurance costs as well as medical attention is increasing fast. If you were to acquire some sort of long term illness in the future, this type of insurance will cover your medical bills that include services like in home care, as well as nursing home expenses. This type of coverage could be essential to leave your family with financial stability.

Conclusion on Accuquote

Accuquote offers a wide variety of insurance policies with very competitive rates. They also offer a free life insurance calculator as well as a free quote screener that will compare their prices with all of their leading competitors. Remember though all of the policies listed above all have the stipulation that the benefit will only be paid if the premiums are paid on time!

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