5 Mistakes Debtors Commit When Paying Off Their Debts

The mistakes we make in life can either ruin our lives or teach us a lesson. It is a part of being human to commit mistakes, but it is instinctive in us to get back on our feet after we make blunders.

In financial affairs, many people find themselves making the mistake of contracting too much debt. The problem of incurring high-interest debts can take time to solve. According to a survey by Global News, almost one-third of Canadians expressed a low level of confidence in paying down their debts.  

But do not lose all hope because there is a way out of this predicament. Believe that you will be free from debt and start a normal life again. 

Here are some mistakes you should stop when paying off your debts. 

Not Identifying the Underlying Cause of the Debt Problem

There are various causes why a person is overburdened with debt. It could be that he needed money for a significant purchase or an emergency expense.  An unfortunate financial disaster happened, resulting in his failure to pay his debt. Or, it could be that the person has a luxurious lifestyle and cannot sustain it, causing him to borrow money that he could not afford to pay. 

As an adult, you need to have self-discipline in managing your finances. You should live according to your means and avoid spending money on things to sustain a lifestyle that will only make your life bitter. Control yourself from borrowing money that you cannot afford to pay back. 

If you are planning to apply for a loan, be sure your income can help you pay the monthly payment of your debt. Unplanned and unassessed borrowing can get you into a debt trap. Yes, the debt trap is a real thing, and you should avoid it at all costs. 

Once you’ve identified the cause of your debt problem, it is easy to find a strategy to get you out of the debt trap. Should you make adjustments in your lifestyle? How about looking for side gigs to increase your income? Is it wise to take out a debt consolidation loan?

Not Making a Strategy

Create a strategy for paying off your debts as neglecting them will only cost you more. Having a clear, strategic debt repayment plan can help you eliminate your debt obligations faster and minimize what you need to pay. 

In creating a strategy to pay off your debts, you need to assess your current financial situation and the types of debt you’re dealing with. Look into your monthly income and the total debt you must pay. This approach gives you an idea of how much debt you can afford to pay monthly. 

There are two popular strategies for paying debts: the snowball and avalanche methods. The snowball strategy aids in paying down your low-cost debt first, which motivates you to make payments consistently. The avalanche method helps you to pay down your high-interest debt while you are simultaneously paying the minimum on other debt obligations. 

Borrowing a Loan for Debt Consolidation

If debt obligations are already difficult to handle, borrowers tend to apply for a debt consolidation loan. This loan option enables you to consolidate several debts into one monthly payment. It can be advantageous because it helps you avoid accumulating that much interest from your multiple debts and reduces the interest and fees that you have to pay. 

However, there is a catch when you opt for a debt consolidation loan. For instance, it is difficult to find a debt consolidation loan with an affordable interest rate. If you already have a bad credit score, lenders might charge you with a higher interest rate. It is best to consider the pros and cons of taking out this loan.

But don’t fret. Some lenders can offer affordable loans with reasonable rates that you can use to consolidate your debt. Be sure to click to visit AimFinance and look for the best loan options that suit your needs.

Using Credit Cards to Pay Down Debts

Eliminating your debts using credit cards is a no-good approach. This method will only make you incur more debt, given that credit cards have high interest rates. This serves as a warning for people who want to use credit cards to pay off their debts: do not do it. Also, to avoid too much debt, save money to have something in case of emergency. 

Not Automating Their Debt Payments

Choose lenders that allow borrowers to automate their debt payments. With the emergence of financial technology, paying loans was made easy. Automated payments offer convenience to borrowers which allows them to pay their financial obligations in a timely and consistent manner. 


Do not make these typical mistakes that people make when paying off debt. Assess your financial situation and strategize in paying off debt. You should avoid opting for debt consolidation or paying via credit card. And ask your lender if you can automate your payments. 

Also, do not be afraid to seek help. If you think you need the help of a debt counselor, you should see one.

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