Steps On How To Write An Airbnb Review

If you are looking for a hotel or a place to stay in when you go for a short trip, booking at Airbnb would be a great choice. This is because Airbnb is a perfect online marketplace to connect people who offer house rental and people who are looking for a lodging place. However, before you book the house, you must go through the review section and read a lot about the reviews of the people who came before you since you will rely on these reviews whether to book or unbook the place. 

So, fast-forward to the day after your trip. You are so happy and satisfied with the services and the accommodation you booked(Well, thanks to the great reviews you have read) that it came to the point that you want to make a review to share how great your experience once was. However, as a newbie, you do not know how to make a good one that is why for today, you will learn how to write a review in just three easy steps.

As I have mentioned a while ago that this Airbnb transaction involves two parties: the Host and the Guest; therefore, in this post, you will see two different ways on how to make a review for both parties. Let’s start with the steps on how to write a review for your Host.

Airbnb Guest: Steps On How To Write A Review To Your Host

1. Place Your Overall Star Score About the Accommodation and Services

Note: 1 star being the lowest meaning very poor service and accommodation and 5 stars being the highest – this means that you are very satisfied and it has excellent accommodation and services. As you can see in their review section,there are six criteria that you need to grade by placing a star.

  • Location
  • Check-in
  • Cleanliness
  • Communication
  • Accuracy
  • Value 

2. When Writing a Review Indicate Your Length of Stay

This will make your review more detailed and helpful for other people since this will give them an idea if it’s a good accommodation for short trips or for longer trips.

3. List Down the Pros and Cons

You may indicate the pros and cons based on your experience of the place. This is just you being subjective and sharing your honest opinion. However, just make sure to touch on negative points carefully. Later on, you will be guided with tips on how to tackle these points.

Listed below are some of the best Airbnb review examples on how to write a good one.

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

Days: 10

Pros: near to malls, gym, restaurants, stores/absolutely stunning view/great amenities/cozy and soft bed/soundproof room/very nice host

Cons: slow wifi connection/leaky air conditioner

Overall Rating: 5 stars


cozy room and nice bathroom/free breakfast buffet/located near to malls, restaurants, shops/has a pool at the rooftop/soft bed and blanket

tv is old model with few channels/leaky faucets/host is not accommodating

TIP: At the end of your review, you may add your suggestion and recommendation since the host will read the reviews, and may consider your suggestion

Airbnb Host: Steps On How To Write A Review To A Guest

Writing Airbnb reviews for your guests might be a bit challenging; however, some hosts use systems such as Smartbnb to generate automatic and generic responses to your guests. Just make sure to filter guests that do not deserve a positive response.

Meanwhile, if you want to keep writing reviews personalized, you may follow these tips on how to create a good one.

1. Commend Your Guest

If they do something, how small or big it was, mention it in your review. For example, the guest left the room clean and organized, or you commend them for being on time during check out. Well, saying these things will make your guests feel appreciated and will come back.


  • “The guests left the room clean. They are the perfect guests ever!”
  • “The guest was very respectful of the house rules. I highly recommend him to other hosts.”

2. Talk About Smooth Communication

Can’t find the right words to create a good review? Well, you may share your smooth communication with your guests. You may state in your review your smooth transaction and communication with them regarding the date and time of their check-in and check-out and about the payment as well. 


  • “The guest was very easy to talk to. You can connect with them almost any time of the day.” 
  • “The guest was communicative and easy to transact with.”

3. Share Any Special Moments With Your Guest

If ever you meet your guest in person, mention it in your review. For instance, you sat down for a cup of coffee or had a short conversation with them, you may write it down in your review to make it touching and personalized.


  • “The guest was nice and friendly. We sat down for a cup of tea before she check-out.”
  • “The guest was easy to talk to. We grab a quick lunch at a restaurant before he check-out. I hope he had a great time here in Greece.”

In addition to this, you may add the phrase “Welcome back anytime” at the end of your review to encourage them to book at your place again. 

Unfortunately, there are instances wherein as a guest or as a host you were unsatisfied or you had a terrible experience with the services, the place, and the behavior of your guest;  therefore, you have decided to voice it out in a review. Hence, you may follow this simple guide on how to address negative points graciously

Airbnb Guest: How To Do A Negative Review About A Host?

You must be concise and direct to the point about your experience in the place. However, make sure you are honest about your review so that it will not totally ruin the reputation of the host. 

Hence, here is a very good example of a negative review to a host, but delivered in a nice way:

“We stayed at X place over the weekend to host my sister’s bridal shower in Hawaii. It was a spacious room, which was clean, cozy, and had the most beautiful view ever. The transaction was smooth with the host and everything was set up perfectly. However, the building was already old with very thin walls in which you can hear almost everything through. The bathroom was a bit worn and has leaky pipes. Overall, our stay in this hotel was good, and would be even better when the host gets around to fixing these issues.”

Airbnb Host: How To Do A Negative Review About A Guest?

Breaking the house rules and guests with a terrible attitude? Well, as a host you won’t let these things slide easily; therefore, writing a negative review about these guests was your solution to bring this out in public. Just make sure to find the appropriate words while doing your review so that it will not appear as a public humiliation.

1. Be Direct 

When doing negative reviews, make sure that you just get straight to the point. However, avoid directly saying that they are a bad guest. Hence, here is an example of how to be direct when pointing out negative points.


“The guest and his companions broke some house rules. They played loud music that annoyed fellow guests. They smoked inside the room, even though the house rules prohibited smoking.”

2. Be Honest About Their Wrongful Acts

When you are angry with what the guest has done, do not sugarcoat it by praising the guest first followed by stating the guest’s heinous act. Just start with a strong and brief-phrase like the example below:


“Avoid hosting this guest. The guest barged into the other guest’s rooms and tried to steal their stuff. He also attempted to move the security cameras in the hallway. We called the police.”

3. Do Not Welcome Them Back

This is pretty obvious since you had a terrible experience with this guest; therefore, you may write a review that you do not want them back again by starting it positively, and then state your experience hosting this guest.


“The guest was very friendly and outgoing. However, she lied about the 2 other guests who were sleeping in the apartment even though she had said that it would only be her staying in the room. The guest was clearly aware that springing on an unexpected guest is prohibited or else should be charged extra. We would not host her again.”

How Does Airbnb Review System Actually Works?

Before writing down a review, make sure you know some quick facts about how the Airbnb review system works.

  1. Editing reviews. You have a 48-hour window to edit your reviews unless the review was posted before this option expires.
  2. Review Visibility. Both the host and the guest will remain anonymous until both parties left a review after the 14-day grace period has passed.
  3. Time window. Both the host and the guest will be given a 14-day period to write down their review. The time will start once Airbnb sends out a notification to write a review.

In a nutshell:

The Airbnb review system is double-blinded since both the host and the guest remain unknown until the review period (14 days) has passed. By doing this, it avoids the risk of retaliation since both parties can no longer edit what they have written down on their review once the 14-day period is over.

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