22 Investors You Need to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is more than just for social networking and marketing: it is a great place to find investment tips. You don’t want to follow just any Tweeter, however, because many are scams or novices that are trying to make a fast dollar. To help you get good investment information, here are 22 investors you need to follow on Twitter.

Top 22 Investors on Twitter

Top 22 Investors on Twitter

  1. Reid Hoffman is an entrepreneur and strategist who has good insights into the marketplace and a partner at Greylock. Follow this investor to get sensible, timely tips.
  2. Timothy Skykes bills himself as the ‘Stock guru to the little people.’ Skykes has a tremendous following and a good reputation for providing powerful insights designed for smaller players in the market. He regularly holds conferences and other events around the nation.
  3. Stocktwists is a public list on Twitter that features experienced investors and their insights into the markets, financial news, and other relevant topics.
  4. Amey is an online trading wizard with powerful IT skills to boot. He’s a Lakers fan too, but don’t hold that against him. With powerful tips and retweets, Amey has a lot to offer those who follow.
  5. Kunal Desai hosts BullsOnWallStreet.com (a premium trading information site) and keeps a sharp eye on the market.
  6. Dharmesh Shah is a Boston angel investor and founder of Hubspot. Dharmesh has a lot of good information about startups and marketing.
  7. David Cancel is another startup guru who regularly tweets about everything finance.
  8. BuyOnTheDip has practical investment advice that generally focuses on stocks and options bought on the dip. Follow BuyOnTheDip for practical strategies, picks, and other useful information.
  9. UrbaneGorilla has an eclectic approach to the market. Follow the Gorilla and get a few laughs and some helpful hints.
  10. Hedgeye is a virtual hedge fund with powerful insights into the news affecting the markets.
  11. Brian Shin is a Boston video mogul and entrepreneur with valuable tweets that help you learn about business and investing.
  12. SellPuts trades in stocks and options, writing when the time is available.
  13. StockJockey stays one step ahead of you while looking for deals in the stock market. This is a must follow. Check out his Web site at 1440WallStreet.com.
  14. Don Dodge is an angel with great insights into startups and some of the largest tech giants. Follow him for some outstanding practical investment and business advice.
  15. Maya Baratz handles new products at The Wall Street Journal. She has great insights into the stock market and the business world in general.
  16. StocksMD is a physician by trade (pardon the pun) with popular trading advice in the tech, biotech, and options markets.
  17. StockGuy22 is a mentor who retired at 34 to pursue his dreams. Learn from someone who has mastered the art of making money in the markets and see if you can follow in his footsteps.
  18. Brian Shannon shows you how to do technical analysis across multiple timeframes. Keep in mind that all of Shannon’s trades are day trades, so if you are interested in learning more about day trading, his tweets will help you.
  19. Reed Sturtevant is an empty nester and an angel with outstanding business and financial tweets.
  20. TheKirkReport is a stock trader from Utah with nearly 5.5k followers on Twitter. Charles has been trading stocks for 17+ years and has a lot of credibility. He runs a membership site but you can get a few free reports.
  21. Carolyn Fergusen is the Bullish Beauty from the Jersey Shore tweets with important observations and questions about the current stock market. You’ll appreciate her candid insights and helpful suggestions when it comes to trading stocks.
  22. Jeff Rose is a Certified Financial Planner that shares good basic investing tips as well as solid financial planning skills.

These are 20 investors you need to follow on Twitter. They are popular, yet down to earth and they have a lot of good things to say and experiences to share. Jump right in, but don’t forget you are ultimately responsible for the investment decisions you make.

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