15 Best Online Resources For Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer is a term to describe people born during the post-World War II baby boom between the years of 1946 to 1964. This generation’s childhood and much of their adulthood was technology-free and even in our age of current computer application craze some Boomers are still hesitant to get online. But they might be missing out.
15 Best Online Resources For Baby Boomers

There are many incentives for Boomers to surf the web. Internet sites are established every day that gear information and advise to those over 50. Additionally, the computer age has brought about the ease and convenience of conducting everyday business online without having to leave the comfort of your easy chair.

Here a 15 of the best online resources for Baby Boomers:

Legal Resources

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys – a non-profit group that work with older clients and provides information, education, and networking resources for older people.

ElderAbuseLaw.com – a comprehensive website that features information and laws made to protect the elderly.

Financial Resources

AARP – a non-profit membership organization that provides all types of resources, including financial, for those over 50.

Bankrate– a website that provides financial articles, advise, and information on banking, investing and other financial services.

Demko – a website featuring information geared towards Baby Boomers and retirement.

Retired Brains – this website focuses on Boomers who may have retired but still need to keep working to make ends meet. It offers infroamtion on career, education, and industry news as well as articles on information important to those over 50 including social security, debt, and identity theft.

Government Resources

Medicare – a consumer site that provides access to Medicare information as well as articles on health care, elder abuse, and nursing homes.

National Institute on Aging– a website that provides publication and information on aging research.

Seniors.gov – a website that provides information and links that cater to seniors.

Social Security Administration– the official website.


www.seniornet.org– a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization for adults over 50 that use computer. The organization’s mission is to provide older adults education and access to computer technologies.

National Older Worker Career Center – provides employment-related resources for older Americans.

The Retired Worker – this is a website that promotes temporary, part time, seasonal or project-based employment for retired persons.

Boomer-Friendly Resources

TeeBeeDee – an online community for people over 40. The site offers experiences and information shared by others in the community. Topics include health, career, and politics.

BoomerGirl – a website aimed at Boomer women with articles on a variety of topics including culture, wine, spirituality, sex, and current events.

There are many more websites and online resources for people 50 and over that cater to all aspects of a person’s needs and interests. These sites offer invaluable information you can’t find anywhere else and the majority of the resources are free and require no obligation to access the information. Always make sure you are not playing into the hands of a scammer by never providing personal or financial data over the Internet or via email to any party you do not know.

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