Welcome to Consumer Boomer! This is a joint project between Papa Boomer and Junior Boomer.  The blog will cover a range of topics from financial planning, investments, baby boomer issues, retirement, product and service reviews and the occasional rant.

Introducing Papa Boomer (aka “PB”)


Papa Boomer is a retired Baby Boomer in his mid-fifties who spent way too much time working.  He’s been a paper boy, delivery boy, grill boy, stock boy, meat cutter, grocery store manager, and finally spent the last 33 1/2 years in operations management with a large major appliance corporation retiring as Sr. Director of Operations.  Once he found out how much fun it is not to work, he has no intentions of going back.  He now believes having a job is not all it is cracked up to be … getting paid is a different deal.  Papa likes remodeling projects, tools, gadgets and playing on the internet.  He has an opinion on everything.  He says he was wrong once … that was when he originally thought he was wrong, but later found out that he really wasn’t.

Don’t Forget About Junior (aka “JB”)


Junior Boomer is a Gen X’er who has studied finance most of his life.  His passion is personal finance and investing, and loves to crunch numbers.  Junior Boomer’s job includes making sure Papa Boomer doesn’t ever have to go back to work.  Lately, he’s become a wanna be blogger, hence the creation of this site.

Papa and Junior Join Forces

There is no doubt that blogging is a full time job.  With “JB” being a working man, it only made sense to partner up with “PB”.  Papa has the knowledge and experience and can easily relate to other boomers alike.  Junior on the other hand has a knack for blogging (at least he thinks he does) and is showing Papa the ropes.  Is it possible to teach an “old dawg” new tricks?  We’ll find out.